Property Development

“Oriental Venice” phase I

The Land is located at 湖南省湘潭市九華示範區黃河路以北,濱江路以西 (the northern side of Huanghe Road and the western side of Binjiang Road, Jiuhua Economic Development Zone, Xiangtan, Hunan Province, the PRC). The Project is still in the planning stage and currently pending for future design and development. Under the current plan, subject to approval from local authorities, the Land is intended to be developed into low-density residential units with condominiums and townhouses targeting the affluent class of Hunan Province. A five-star hotel with convention facilities is also planned to be built on the Land.

“Oriental Venice” phase II

Located at west of Binjiang Road and north of Guihua Road, the newly-acquired land is initially planned to build low-medium density residential, low-rise flats and villas for sale.